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about us

Diaz Studio of Dance was created by the Diaz Sisters. Born and raised in Chicago, Rhiana, Kira, Jade, and Paige began their professional dance training the moment they could walk and are skilled in all areas of dance including ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop (and even hula!). They have choreographed for the Emmy award winning television show " Carpool Karaoke" and "Post Malone's Celebrity World Pong League". They have also choreographed, performed, and worked for companies such as ABC, NBC, MTV, Apple, Radio Disney, Walt Disney World, Apple Music, Grammy Awards Chicago Chapter, Nickelodeon, and the Chicago Jr. Luvabulls.

The sisters have appeared in numerous music videos and commercials, both nationally and internationally.  In 2004, the Diaz sisters created the award winning children’s dance/fitness DVD series “Paige’s Workout Party”.  After years of training, performing, and building professional careers (shout out to mom and dad for sitting through literally hundreds of recitals and performances!), it is now their passion to share their love of dance with the world!


about the studio


Our sprung/floating dance floor is designed to absorb shock, giving it a softer feel. We used the best material available to enhance performance and greatly reduce injuries.  

Below the surface: 

Our floor is supported by the highest quality foam backing or rubber feet, while incorporating the traditional design of sprung floors that provide their spring through bending woven wooden battens. 

On the top:

The top layer of our dance floor encourages optimum performance and safety.  We used Matlay which is lightweight and has a non-skid matte finish. This is a universal vinyl dance floor suitable for all forms of dance.

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