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Youth/Teen Class Descriptions

Not sure which classes are best for your dancer?

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Ballet/Tap - 3-5 year olds 

Combo class - half Ballet and half Tap.

Learn the fundamentals of Ballet, including proper vocabulary. This class offers a great range of motion, strengthening exercises, improves posture, flexibility, coordination, and grace. Learning Tap in addition to Ballet teaches rhythm, coordination, and strengthens a different set of muscles than those used in Ballet. These two styles of dance compliment each other and learning the two styles early on will make them a stronger dancer, and will provide the tools needed to pick up additional styles of dance as they progress in their training.

Ballet Level 2

Level 2 dancers will begin class with reviewing ballet positions, followed by barre work focusing on basic technique. Dancers will then head to the center floor to stretch and strengthening exercises. Class will finish off with more detailed steps and combinations/choreography.

Ballet Level 3

Level 3 will begin class with ballet positions that dancers will know by memory, quickly with Choreography and skills. Dancers should be able to do the following skills: Double Pirouettes, Switch Leaps, Center Leaps, Pique Turns, and all reversal of progressions and choreography.


Musical Theater Dance:

Class work consists of a jazz warm-up, stretching, technical training, building a vocabulary of steps, and learning performance-based choreography as seen in the theater and on Broadway. Props are often incorporated into the choreography as we tell a story through movement and facial expressions. We dedicate a portion of the class to acting exercises.

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